Sunday, 11 August 2013

The week that ended......11 August 2013.

One of the most asked question to me when people see me out and about is the housing issue over or when will we here more. The report on whether houses will be built in Standish is likely to come out about the 20th August, so not long to wait. As soon as I hear I will post it on here. This is the core strategy report for the whole council.

Some time soon we have found out that the Council are looking to change the sequence Here is the full story. What the Council are looking to do is make it safer for when people are crossing as there are a large number of people turning right and left where they shouldn't be. After the last disaster we will see if this works but the modelling that the Council has done says that this should work. Time will tell!

During the week I had a resident contact me who had some major issues which involved to some major anti social behaviour and housing issues. After I met with the resident I could see that not only was there some major concerns but they were finding this difficult to handle, and I could see why too. I immediately contact Wigan and Leigh Housing and to fair to them they were brilliant. I know I criticise the Council but when they get it right they should get praise for it. Here is the full story. The dept put an action plan together and have pulled out all the stops for the priority issues and working through the other stuff now too. This does show that the Council can get it right and hopefully others will learn from this.

A few weeks ago residents and myself had some major concerns over safety on the crossing opposite the new Domino's pizza shop. The original issue article is here. This story is one of the most popular on my blog. Now finally new bollards have been installed outside the shop and a new railing has been installed next to the crossing. This will stop cars and vans crossing the pavement to get to the front of the shop. It may not stop motorbikes but we will monitor that situation. This week I wrote a post about the situation and another great result for residents of Standish here.

Another issue that many of residents have commented to me on was the Council official who sent an email out about redundancy's and then said he was off on his jollies. This was completely  inappropriate and whilst I have always found Terry to be helpful I do see why other Council find this hurtful and inappropriate and it will be up to the Executive of the Council for any action. Let's see if they get it right!

Finally I have given the blog a bit of a makeover. This includes a new bright colour scheme but also shows which posts are popular. No surprise that Saving Ashfield is top of the list. Also on the blog is an easy contact form if you want to contact me. Hope you like the new look and features.

For those with children I hope the summer holidays are going well and next Wednesday we will have the ramp riders again at St Marie's primary school. I will post more tomorrow about that.

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  1. One thing I think must be true when I have started to read your blogs is the amount of time you must put in as a Councillor.

    Great result for the barrier next to the crossing I have witnessed this numerous times and something had to be done.

    As for the Council officer you mentioned I saw it on Wigan today site and what an absolute disgrace. I hope he gets made redundant rather than the others.

    New look looks OK and no wonder Ashfield is the most popular as we all want to retain that park. Shame on Wigan Council for considering to build on it!


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