Thursday, 15 August 2013

Breaking Story - Planning Inspectors report in

The long awaited planning inspectors report is now in. We are currently working our way through this and reviewing it's content.

For those that are interested click here to see the report.

Obviously we will be calling a residents meeting very shortly.


  1. Thanks for the report but is this official as I cannot see it or anything else on the Council's website.

    Keep us updated with the date of the meeting as, if I have read this right, there could be a lot more than a 1000 houses in Standish. We didn't want the 1000 never mind anymore.

  2. It looks inevitable that there will be over 1000 houses, maybe time to argue for affordable homes and facilities for Standish. There will be a lot of jobs for Standish folk which is positive. Time to look on the bright side perhaps?

  3. If houses are built in Standish on the safeguarded land it means that the coal which is still there can never be produced, no open cast mining. This is a good thing as far as global warming concerned.

  4. With regard to affordable housing the percentage is to be downgraded from "required" to make it the starting point of negotiation.
    Some environmental aspirations have been removed too.
    Within the overall target of 1000 for Standish 200 houses need to be built by 2016. The suggestion is that the current timing of the release of protected land should be brought forward in order to improve the chances of meeting this target.
    The time constraint of 200 by 2016 will impair negotiations. Expect a much lower proportion of affordable housing.
    Also, achieving the overall target for Wigan means that flexibility on the number of houses to be built in Standish will be permitted.

  5. Ideally as many houses as possible would be built close to J27 of the M6 so that there is less traffic going through the centre of Standish but the community gets the benefit of new people coming to Standish


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