Monday, 5 August 2013

The Week that ended......4 August 2013

Where is the year going? Can't believe that we are in August already.

The week started on Monday night with the meeting of the Health and Social care Scrutiny Committee. The committee heard from Andrew Foster, the head of Head of Wigan Leigh Wrightington NHS Foundation. At the committee we heard about the Council making all their play areas smoke free. This is something I strongly agree with but I had concerns that people would simply walk round to the other side of the fence and lean onto the fence and still smoke. This would defeat the purpose of the policy. They said there was not much they can do. So I suggested, subject still allowing parents to be able to see their children, to have the smoke free zone set back away from the play area fence. This would solve the issue I had. The comment was welcomed and taken on board and I believe this will feed back into the relevant committee and we'll see if this will feature of part of the policy, should the policy be brought in.

Wednesday saw Standish 4 Youth hold the BMX ramp event. This was on at St Maries Primary School. We had over 30 children attend the event and they where able to either bring their own bikes and/ scooters or use the ones provided. Great times had by all. At night was the Confident Places Scrutiny Committee meeting. This was relevant quiet and not to much to report from here.

Thursday was an incredible busy day. Starting with a meeting at the town hall in the morning. Then a quick dash into work (Manchester), although I am currently off I had to nip in for something, then back to Wigan for another meeting at 5pm in the Life Centre to meet with Council officers over the issue of the Cross Roads in Standish. (Keep watching - More to follow on this soon.)

Then at night I attended the Standish Community Centre committee meeting. If anyone needs a room to hire then check out the community centre as this could fit your requirements. Then after the meeting I visited some residents who had some issues

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