Friday, 30 August 2013

Syria - my thoughts

So with another conflict on the horizon the debate is should we intervene or not?

It is obvious that many don't want us to get involved with another conflict, especially after the lies that we were told over Iraq and the duration of the Afgan War. And for those reasons you can see why people are hesitant to get involved.

However, just because we were told lies over the reasons to go to War in Iraq because of the Dodgy Dossier that shouldn't mean that we shy away from conflict on the fear that the Government is lying to us or they don't know the full facts. In the case of Syria we have seen the evidence that chemical weapons are being used. Last night's vote was only to ask Parliament to vote on the principle of war, should it be needed. It wasn't a vote to take us to war. Given that Prime Minister had agreed a second vote to go to war would happen after more proof had been collated from the UN inspectors then that was a fair thing to do.

Now with Parliament voting no war this send s a signal to Syria that chemical weapons can be used and the British Parliament is not going to bother to stop that. Labour have played with politics last night and if chemical weapons are used again in Syria it is because of Labour that the British will not stop them attacks - which is a disgrace!

We would only do air strikes on targets where they make or store chemical weapons - no troops on the ground.

For the record I was in favour of the Afgan War as that was a clear security issue, had we not gone after Bin Laden, Iraq was completely different and I was strongly against going into Iraq as there was no proof, not like Syria!

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