Sunday, 25 August 2013

Anti Social Behaviour

Anti Social behaviour is on the rise. Over the last few weeks it is an issue that we are getting more and more complaints about. We are dealing with several issues of anti social ranging from low level to very serious. Some of the examples are noisy neighbours to serious criminal damage to property and threats to life.  

We are taking all these issues seriously and working with the Council and other stakeholders to not only reduce this but stop it altogether, and if that means eviction for people out of their houses, so be it.

If you are experiencing anti social behaviour please get in touch so we can see if there is a trend and also so we can help you, you don't need to suffer in silence. Also we are noticing that in some cases it is the same person causing the anti social behaviour.

I will be getting some log sheets in the next few days for people to log any anti social behaviour on so if you need or want any of these, again please get in touch. 

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