Saturday, 10 August 2013

Domino's Barrier - great result!

If you read this blog you will have seen the post about the mess at Domino's with regards parking. Here is the link, if you missed it.

Now we finally have a new barrier erected and this is great news for people's safety on the crossing. Now that the bollards are up and the new railing this will stop cars going over the crossing and pavement.

A great result and I thank the Council for helping us to resolve the matter.


  1. What you don't show in the picture is the bollards blocking off the rest of the car park, forcing Domino's staff and customers to use parking space that is already at a premium. Were you anything to do with their installation, and if so why?

  2. You are correct that the owner of the site has erected bollards on the next site along, which they are trying to sell or rent out. I am not sure why they have done this, as surely that will make it hard to sell or rent out because of the lack of parking.

    However, I have heard that a coffee shop is interested in the site and they may want that as a seating area, hence blocking it off.

    We have no involvement in getting these bollards on the site next door, this is down to the owner of the site doing this work on his own back.


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