Friday, 2 August 2013

Daniel Pelka

I am sure we have all heard the story of little Daniel Pelka and, whilst I normally keep the blog to local issues, I feel that I am so disgusted by this case I wanted to put my thoughts out there. However, after hearing about this story I am completely disgusted, as I am sure everyone else is.

For me surely this has to open the debate about the death penalty as people that do this kind of crime should pay with their lives. I understand that some murder cases are less clear and maybe life for them kind of sentences may be correct but evil like this is should be killed.

What is also worrying here is that the teachers noticed that he was getting thinner and also he was stealing food. So they locked up the food. To me I think sacking these teachers would be appropriate as they saw the signs but not only did nothing to help him but made his situation worse by locking up the food. This proves that they saw the warning signs and did not act.

My opinions might be controversial, they might be harsh but I believe that they are appropriate. One thing is that we are seeing is these kind of murders who are not only murders but evil. Surely we should rid the world and our country of evil?

Here is a news link from the BBC here.


  1. Can I ask your qualifications on this matter?
    You talk about being a school governor so please enlighten us all with what training your school has for child safeguarding? Including training for teachers?

  2. Where did I say in the post I am a school governor?

    This blog quite clearly says that this is my opinion and just like everyone I am allowed a personal opinion. I guess that most of the public would agree with my suggestions.

    It is clear that the teachers missed something major here and they noticed a big decline in a child and did nothing. It is rare but that shouldn't be an excuses for them to get off with it.

  3. Gareth I quite agree that these two pieces of evil should be hung.

    As for the comment from Anonymous I would guess they are a teacher or one of your Labour opponents, either way I can't believe that they could even try and excuse the behaviour of the teachers in this case. That said that doesn't mean to all teachers are the same and I am sure you'll find other teachers appalled by their behaviour and I am sure the vast majority wouldn't have acted like the teachers in this case.

    But I agree they should be sacked.


  4. So, it appears the people of Standish have a councillor who strongly supports capital punishment.

    Where will this end I ask myself.

  5. With regards the last comment. I do agree with capital punishment for such evil. If you read the post I do not say I would carry out capital punishment for all murders but where such evil exists. I wouldn't think the vast majority would agree with this too.

  6. I don't believe the death penalty is enough for scum like those people who have put this poor child through complete and utter horror for god knows how long. Make them suffer like they did to Daniel. There are so many people to blame for this. The evil that are his so called parents, the authorities who visited the family home but didn't actually see him and yes, the teachers who complied with his parents wishes not to feed him. Disgusting. The child was a stone and half! The same weight as an 18 month old baby! He tried to eat food off a floor and out of a bin! And the teachers still complied with his parents wishes not to feed him! I'm not a teacher, I have never trained to be a teacher, but I would have hoped that teachers have the common sense to do something when they see a child who is neglected, starved and beaten!


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