Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Save Standish meeting last night

Last night was Save Standish meeting, which was held at the Unity Club.

At the meeting we updated people where we are at. The main points:-
  • The Council are looking to adopt a weak Core Strategy plan, which allows approx. 1000 houses in the next 5 years. Then more possibly after that.
  • There is no plan to improve the traffic infrastructure in Standish.
  • Out of the £3,000,000 that will be raised because of these house in Standish, the Council will only keep £330,000 in Standish. The other 85% will be spent in other places in Wigan Borough. Yet again another example of Labour stealing money off Standish for their areas of Deprivation!
  • After the approx. 1000 houses have been built in Standish if developers don't build in other areas of Wigan then this plan allows them to come back and have look to build more houses in Standish.
Residents were left bewildered why the Council will not stick up for the residents of Standish? If some developer wanted to demolish Marsh Green I am sure Labour would be upset then! Yet more arrogance from Labour and this Council.

Residents have decided to:-
  • Hold a protest outside the Town Hall on the 11 Sept 2013. That day is the Full Council at 7pm and residents will be lobbying Councillors to stick up for Standish
  • Some will then go up into the Public Gallery to view the proceedings and hear the debate.
Please come along to the demo on the 11th. We are asking people to get there for 6.20/6.30 as Councillors will be arriving then. Even if you don't want to stay for the meeting if you can give up 40 minutes to show your disgust at this idea.

Legal Challenge

We now have our legal team looking at this Core Strategy to see if there is a legal challenge we can start against the Council's Core Strategy. Keep looking at the blog and more will follow on that soon.

Thank you for the support.

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