Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Week that ended.......1 Sept '13

Wow, Sept already! No doubt many mums out there will be breathing a sigh of relief knowing that their little cherubs will be going back to school in a few days time.

I know I have seen a couple of mums who are on count down now :-).


The week started with the Save Standish meeting on Tuesday. We moved it from our traditional Monday because it was a bank holiday this week. Thank you to the Unity Club for once again letting us use the club and to all those that attended. We gave the latest update and the fact that the Council are now looking to allow approx. 1000 houses on Standish green open spaces but yet they haven't done the plan to see if the roads can cope! How on earth you can say build approx. 1000, which we all know will be nearer to 1250, and then not have a infrastructure plan completed is beyond me. The Council have made a complete hash of this process and if I was the leader of the Council I would want to know why.

This is a worry to have these houses but the biggest worry is in 5 years time the developers will be back again! Why? Because the Council are allowing flexibility in part of their plan that says if after the developers have built in Standish they do not build in other areas of Wigan, like Platt Bridge and Abram (which they won't because they want Standish) then they can allow more land to be released in Standish. So what's the line with all of this?


I say their greed because the Council is worried that if they don't do this they will lose the chance to charge developers up to £3000 per house for a levy. So 1000 houses in Standish will raise an additional £3,000,000 but the Council has said that only £330,000 will stay in Standish and the rest will go to other areas.

I published a post on my blog here earlier in the week.

Ramp Riders Event

On Wednesday saw the last of our Ramp Riders event for BMX bikes and skateboards at St Maries. This was an event that we have organised and funded over the summer and children have enjoyed it. We hope to do the event again next year.

We are now looking to put an event on at Xmas and that is looking exciting so keep checking the blog for more details nearer the time.

Again here is the post I published about the Ramp Riders event earlier in the week.


Yesterday's surgery was busy and a number of residents came in with issue, I am currently working through those issue and I did a number of house visits yesterday, Where people had asked for them. It is always nice to meet more residents. One thing that came out was the fact that Standish residents are sick of this Council and how they do nothing for them, which I whole heartedly agree with.  The support for both myself and Cllr George Fairhurst is nice and we enjoy representing and working with residents for a better area.

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