Thursday, 26 September 2013

Scrutiny Place meeting last night

Last night I attended the Overview and Scrutiny Confident Places meeting. Not too much going on but one report was the fact that the way money is spent on play equipment in the borough.

Currently when a builder builds houses in an area they have to give the Council some money per house that they build for play equipment in that area. The Council used to class an area as three wards. However going forward the Labour Controlled Cabinet and Council are changing this and saying the money can be spent anywhere in the ward, i.e. when they build all these 000's of houses in Standish the money the Council gets for play equipment can be spent in places Like Platt Bridge and Leigh. This is fundamentally wrong and should not be allowed the money should stay in the area where the houses are built. The only exception I make to that is in the case of Haigh Hall as I agree that each area within Wigan should provide a small contribution to those play equipment as we all use them. I say small because if ward of the Wards in Wigan contribute a small percentage then it will all add up to something large.

The other report was on waste. One thing that I wish the bin men would do is put the bins back where they came from and not through them all over the place and in front of drives. It wouldn't take that much longer.

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