Sunday, 15 September 2013

Jeremy Clarkson to stand for Parliment?

Jeremy Clarkson tweeted that he is thinking of standing for Parliament in the next General Election 2015. He said this would be in Doncaster North where he is from, should he decide to do it. He would stand as an independent.

I for one hope he does and knocks Ed Miliband out, as he is the current MP for that seat. Ed is not only a person that was involved in getting the Country in the mess that we are in but also a weak leader for the Labour Party and I ask does he truly represent them? Ed Miliband and Ed Balls should not be allowed to stand given their involvement in getting us in the mess that we are in.

But the question is being asked should more people who have connections in their local area stand for their MP seat. They would know more about the area and what the people stand for, need and want. I know too that many asked me at the last General Election to stand, which I decided not too, but they now want me to stand at the next General Election in 2015. For any one to stand is a huge commitment, to do it properly, and it would be interesting if more and more people have now switched off from the large political parties.

Food for thought! 

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