Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Week that ended....15 Sept '13

The main issue this week was the full Council meeting on Wednesday. The full story is here. It was interesting from that residents are up in arms from the fact that Labour are asking the whole residents of Wigan, all 330 000+ if they can have a referendum to have a Parish Council and I can see why too.

Residents are absolutely outraged at the decision Labour has taken to allow 000's of new houses to be built in Standish. So much for the Council and Labour saying that they are fighting for them. Weak and crumbled!

For residents that viewed the council meeting it was clear that they are so disappointed how the Council was ran and also is run. Even when I asked for a name vote on the Core Strategy the Mayor said we had 9 votes and we did not have the 10 needed to trigger this. We challenged that decision and he asked for the hands again to be put up and there was 10. The Mayor said well I saw 9 before so I am not allowing the name vote. This, they think, stops us naming Labour Cllrs for voting for this disastrous policy. If Labour vote one way or another they should have the conviction to stand by that. But they don't because they want to try and hide behind closed doors.

I have had a number of local issues from bins and street lights which I am dealing with this week.

Cllr George Fairhurst is in hospital after having a Hip operation and will be out soon, I hope, as the other Cllr for Standish, who is Labour, does not only do nothing but doesn't even attend the most important issue for Standish for years and she doesn't even come to Standish. Next May she is up for re-election and we will be fighting strong to rid Standish of this Cllr, who has done nothing for Standish but gone in the paper and said I have worked with developers to get more houses. Shame on you - you should represent the people who elected you - not yourself!

Our next newsletter is due out shortly and I am putting some finishing touches to it.

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