Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Daniel Pelka - Where are the sackings?

The findings of the death of Daniel Pelka is out today. I wrote about this case in August, here is the story if you did not see that.

What gets me is no one has either had the decency to resign nor have there been any sackings. In the case of Baby P we know there were sackings there and no one bothered about that. Probably because that was right. But here in this case the head teacher said she is sorry. She was in charge of the school were a child came to school with numerous injury's, going through bins for food, weight loss and more. How many signs did she and others need. She should be sacked!

The sackings should not stop there, social workers and even police should have some too as they were all aware of this little boy. I am just listening to the independent chair person on the safe guarding board in Coventry - she obviously failed monumentally in her role. Safeguarding board - obviously a joke and needs to be overhauled.

I am surprised why any parent would send their child to that school as they is no safeguarding there in my opinion.

Whilst the social workers, head teachers and others are coming out saying how sorry they are - of course they are because they failed in their job and been caught - do the right thing and resign or they should get sacked.

We hear in these cases where people missed things and yes, things do need to change in Coventry but not with them so called professionals.

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  1. Forget sacking - jail them!

    I am sick to death of words like, lessons must be learnt, sorry, we mustn't let this happen again etc etc.

    Sack them and jail them.


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