Monday, 2 September 2013

Council sells your personal data

It has been released today that Councils are sending your personal data. I have just looked at the report and Wigan Council has sold the electoral to 3 companies including what I believe a developer and a data company, who may sell the data on or use it or marketing purposes.

I am strongly against this and Council's should not be allowed to sell your data.

If you are interesting in reading the report here it is REPORT .

To be fair to the Council they have to sell the data if they are asked for it and legislation needs to be changed to stop this practise. If you look at the report Wigan Council has one of the lowest requests for this data and some other Council's have made a lot of money out of this scheme.

If you want to opt out of the edited register you can use the letter here . I know I have opted out of the edited register some years ago but I wonder how many people don't realise their data is being sold by the Council.

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