Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Iain Dale idiot or marketing genius?

Who's heard of Iain Dale? Who's heard of Damian McBride?  If you follow politics then the chances are you have heard of them both. If you do not follow politics in the UK, you probably haven't heard of either of them. However, I bet many more millions of people around the world have heard of them now.

Iain Dale is the publisher of Damian McBride's book. This is about his memoirs as a civil servant and special advisor/ spin doctor to the former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. The book is a bit controversial and has had a bit of news coverage lately, but when a protestor was standing at the back of Mr McBride holding a placard up Mr Dale thought that this protester was a distraction for the interview. So what does he do? Goes and wrestles him.

Here is a clip.

The thing here is, if Iain Dale seriously thought that getting into a scuffle with this protestor was going to remove the distraction he was right, but if he thought the attention would go back on the interviewee then he was wrong, as everyone looked and watched the scuffle. You can hear people laughing at the situation.

But by the fact that he did this it got the clip on all the TV news stations and in all the papers. So I guess from a marketing stand point it has raised the profile of the book that they were promoting. Genius or not?

Others didn't do badly out of it too with ITN being promoted on the clip. Also the protestor will no doubt be getting some news coverage about his experience. Is this a win win for all concerned or was it stupid to try and drag the man away.

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