Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Road to be lost for drinkers?

Just outside the door of the Globe Public House there is a small road that goes between High Street and then Cross Street. Currently the Globe has some benches outside where drinkers on a sunny day can sit outside or if there are smokers can sit whilst having a cigarette. But even though there are a few benches outside there is still room for a couple of cars to park for the local shops are neighbourhood. Also this is where the delivery wagon off loads too.

Now the landlord of the Globe wants a beer garden and is applying to the Council to change it from being a road to an outside drinking area, all sectioned off. He is not wanting to buy the land but merely use it for free. So the tax payers lose an amenity and get no capital for it. Crazy world!

However, this area is next to the cenotaph in Standish and drinkers who have to much will be all over that respected land, which should not be allowed. Children will think it is a free for all and I have even heard the suggestion that one thing that can be done is to fence to cenotaph off. We don't want things blocking off, we need to keep them as they are.

I believe that should this proposed scheme should not go ahead as there will be a rise in anti social behaviour and also when the  dray wagon is carrying out it's delivery there will be a new danger on the A49 as the bus will have trouble getting out of the bus stop and then there will be a wagon blocking the highway for cars anyway.

The system that we have had in that area has worked for decades why change it now? There is a parking area for a few cars and they have some benches outside. This works quite well so why change it? Pubs shut all to often these days, which is a shame - but it is reality,  but should this one close then we have closed this area that has a couple of car parking spaces for the other local shops for nothing.

If you feel the same then you can see the plan below and write to the council to object. The reference number is RD/LR/JOH/N22/700-/N-002987. Or you can forward them on to myself and I will make sure they get to the Council.


  1. Who owns the car park to the rear? If it's theirs, they could use a few spaces and sort out some access from the rear of the pub. It would be fenced off too - may be more pleasant than standing at the edge of the road. Anyhow, if landlord fancied a pub with a beer garden he shouldn't have bought/moved into the Globe.

    1. I think the Car park is jointly owned by the council So if the Beer Garden was put on it That would Also Lose Parking Places, Before the car park was made there was a road that went from High st to Church St at the back of the pub its possibly a Public Right of Way.As regards the Dray wagon Having to Park on The High St If this road at the Front of the Globe is Blocked off, IS No different than it is Today. I Pass Globe many times & have noted it is nearly always the same cars that are parked there every day They Have Even Parked Over The Celler Drop. As regards Anti social be havier I cannot see what difference having the road blocked off would make Also Children Already think it is a Free For All, Perhaps Parents Should Take A Bit More Responsibity with Their Children & Teach Them To RESPECT The Cenotaph,The Land Is Not Free A fee Will Be Paid ..

    2. Correction from Me, the car park is owned by the Brewery, With a Covenant That locals & shoppers can use it from 8 oclock in the morrnig till 6 oclock at night.


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