Sunday, 8 September 2013

Save Standish Protest - Wigan Town Hall

On Wednesday 11 September at Wigan Town Hall, Wigan Council will be voting whether to build thousands of new houses in Standish over the next 13 years.

At the last Save Standish meeting it was decided to get residents to protest outside the Town Hall for 30/ 40 mins and to ask the Cllrs to vote NO!

The meeting starts at 7pm and we are asking people to be there from 6.20pm till 7pm, as the Councillors go into the Town Hall. If anyone then wants too they can go into the public gallery and listen to the debate during the meeting. If you can't or don't want to go into the meeting we ask that residents come to the protest outside for 30/40 mins.

If you want to make and bring banners - no problems.

This could be one of our last chances at trying to stop 000's of new houses being built on our open green spaces.

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  1. See page 28 in this, fracking for gas would be a good alternative to housing perhaps?

    Standish is on the Bowland shake so under all the possible green land is gas


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