Thursday, 19 September 2013

Burial fees and rules

It has been raised about the fact that when you bury a love ones ashes in the memorial garden in a cemetery by the Council you are only paying for leasing the land for 25 years. After that time you have to renew the lease again. This was something that I didn't realise and I agree with the person that raised this issue with me, a lot can happen in 25 years and how can you know where you will be living at that time.

I didn't realise that when you are buried in a cemetery under the control of the Council you are only leasing that for 99 years. After the 25 years for the ashes if the renewal fee is not paid the Council can exhume the ashes and scatter them in another part of the cemetery. They can exhume your body after 99 years, not sure what they will do with that then.

So the issue is if the Council cannot find a relative after the 25 years, for ashes and 99 years, for burials, the Council can exhume the body. I think that the Council should at least use tracing agents to try and get in touch with relatives to see if they want to renew before they exhume any ashes or body.

So is this right because land is at a premium or is his the Council just trying to make more money out of this situation.

I have put all the fees and charges below for everyone to see and view.

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