Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Pines call in

If the Council takes a decision that a number of Cllrs do not like or feel that it should be scrutinise then they can trigger a process of what is known as a call in.

Labour Cabinet member Keith Cunliffe took the decision to close the resident care home called the Pines, which is in Pemberton. This home is for residents that have learning difficulties or disabilities.

A number of Cllrs felt this was not right for a number of reasons. I was one of those. Collectively, we called the decision in and on Monday Night we had the call in meeting at th,e Town Hall.

The reasons why we thought the decision was wrong was the residents in the main thought as themselves as a family. Now they will all be split up. Also the building does need updating no one can deny that, but the Council is spend £6 million to update the Town Hall for the employees, so why is it unreasonable to expect the Council to undate the home of these residents?

The reason here to me is money! At present the residents are classed as - residents. When they are moved out they become tenants so they have to pay rent for their accommodation. Labour say don't worry they can claim housing benefit off the government. Is this a scam to you? It is to me. Then the council can then sell the land to a developer. This is not to dissimilar to the Mere Oaks issues a number of years ago. labour always prey on the weak and vulnerable.

After the debate and questioning Labour voted not to change the decision. Weak and pathetic! Labours motto has to be, "stuff everyone else look after ourselves. Charity begins at home!"

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